A Major Update⚔️

TL;DR - Bublr is going down for a couple of weeks, userdata such as profiles and blogs will be completey erased by January of 2025.

Bublr will be going through a lot of restructering and during this time, will be offline. This wasn't a very easy decision to take but there were many technical and legal problems that just couldn't be easily solved. We tried everything to avoid this outcome but unfortunatly, we have no choice but to pull the plug until we come back, stronger and better.

During this time, we will be looking to raise funds and build a great team that can support us in this journey. While we cannot say how long this may take or what the outcome would be, but we give a word: we will not back down until we can make the greatest comeback in the history of comebacks.

To all who used our platform, we thank you from the bottom of our team, bublr isn't what it is w/o it's community and we dearly appreciate you all!

P.S. We give all glory to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! Couldn't have done it w/o him! After all, he is the way, the truth, and the life!

Data Migration / Investors

If you want your blog posts back, please email me [at] solomon@bublr.life. If you're an investor interested in helping us out, please contact us at the same email.